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Premier Sheets: Promoting healthier lifestyles and a better night’s sleep for all

The story began with one visiting mother in law (as the best stories do). She was visiting from India - this is where my family is from. But this time and unlike other times, we went shopping for new bed sheets. We wanted her to have a new set she could enjoy for her visit. After traveling to a few 'unnamed' (and very big)  box retailers, we couldn't find a set that met her expectations. She was unsatisfied with the stitching - she knew it would not prevent pilling and thread ticking after washes. And most importantly, nothing was organic cotton, the best material in the world for sleep and health quality. After going home empty handed, our 'now' team came to some realizations. Organic cotton was not available on every shelf, and if it was it was severely overpriced due to lack of competition, there were serious design flaws, or general lack of creative design. Sheets should never be so boring, and no one should ever settle for the bare minimum when it comes to sleep quality. So, myself, my husband Preetam, a family friend Nick , as well as "Mom" as we all call her, birthed Premier Sheets into existence. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. 
- Isha Purohit 

Expert Craftsmanship

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